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The Truth is Out There

Ask me anything   My name is Curran. 18 years old. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus more than anything. I really enjoy politics, and I'm super excited to vote for Mitt Romney this year! No big deal or anything, I've just been looking forward to this election my whole life :) Other things in life that make me happy are my family, my puppies, anything written by C.S. Lewis, coffee, photography, country and Christian music, traveling, world history, etc. Feel free to ask me about anything and I'll answer as best as I can :)

Oh, and my blog is named after one of my favorite quotes. "The truth is out there, but so are the lies" -Dana Scully (character on the X- Files). It's beautiful not because it's deep, but rather because it is a simple yet powerful truth!

So I took a little hiatus from Tumblr, but I’m back!

I needed some time to adjust to a busy schedule. I’ve been volunteering at GOP headquarters, taking on some exciting new volunteer oppurtunities at church and in the community, and applying to colleges (super stressful!). So I turn 18 on Tuesday and vote for R&R 2 weeks after that!!! I figured I’d come back to celebrate pre- election awesomeness with my fellow Republicans on here! GO MITT!!!!!:)

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Just got a request for my testimony…

God’s timing is crazy! I’ve been experiencing real blessings lately as I’ve become more committed to reading the Word of God and trusting Him through everything. At the same time, I’ve been wrestling with some stuff as the Enemy is reminding me of old memories. I would love to share my testimony with you guys and I think it’s just the thing I need to do too- remember not just how bad it was before I had a relationship with Christ but how awesome it is now that I do :) I’ll work on it and have it up soon.

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Yesterday’s surgery was probably the most painful thing I ever experienced. Thanks again to all who prayed :) It still hurts but I’m doing so much better today. I’m just happy it’s over and the rest of the summer is going to be amazing :)

— 2 years ago
Exciting plans for the future!

I’ve been praying a lot for guidance regarding colleges and careers. After a lot of prayer, reading, and talking to people, I’ve made some decisions that I feel at peace with. The colleges I’m applying to are Wheaton College (in IL), Covenant College, and Gordon College. It’ll tough to make it into my top choice, Wheaton, but I’m in love with the latter two as well and I think I’ll be accepted to both.

I hope to do a double major in political science and biblical studies. Then I’ll continue to law school at a regular, non Christian affiliated school. I’m interested in practicing law and maybe using the degree to try my hand in Washington later. As for the Biblical Studies I will put it to use in the missions field, most likely in Europe because it’s becoming increasingly secular over there! I feel like God has called me for that job too, because I have long been fascinated in their history and culture, I’m traveling to Europe this summer (in less than a month!), and I’ve been deeply inspired by the experiences of people at my church who have done missions work over there. Both of these plans will be challenging, and I’m well aware of that. I am happy about that though, far too many times I’ve taken the easy path and regretted it intensely. I don’t see why it would be any different if I chose the easy way on these big decisions-staying close to home and picking a less challenging course of study.

I am so excited to visit these colleges soon. I’m also thankful for the answers I’ve recieved and continue to pray that God would lead me through all this right to where He wants me. I feel I’ve done enough planning/thinking for the summer and it’s time to kick back now and put the rest in His hands :) Next week I’m going to see Senator Marco Rubio speak, then it’s time for the 4th of July trip to the shore (after I get surgery that is… only bad part!), and then I’m going to Europe!!!

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Good riddance junior year :)

Officially a senior in high school now! I honestly can’t believe it.

It’s exciting but scary too. When I was little I would always tell my parents stuff like “I’m never going to grow up,” and “I don’t want to leave home.” Now that it’s the last year of my childhood and some big decisions about my future lie ahead, I feel like a little kid again struggling with this fear of change.

I really need to decide what career I want to pursue. I know I want to major in Biblical Studies, but I don’t think that’s the only thing I should do. I don’t know what that something else should be though. I’m not tough enough for the political world, I don’t really want to teach, and I don’t feel I belong in business either. And looking at the statistics of my top college choice (Wheaton in IL), I fear that I won’t be accepted. This isn’t because my grades were bad, but because I didn’t push myself hard enough. I didn’t take any APs in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, I don’t meet the language requirements, and my SAT scores aren’t in the mid 2000s (they were close though, so perhaps I could’ve made it if I studied). All I can do is apply and hope my extracirriculars will make up for my academic shortcomings. I want it so badly that I know I’ll be crushed if I don’t make it, but I will do my best to trust that there was a reason why I made the choices I did. Please pray that God would let His will be made clear to me and that I would embrace it graciously even if it doesn’t match mine- it would mean a lot!

On a brighter note, I am very thankful that God helped me through the low points of this year. I got through Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus without getting any C’s on my transcript :) And best of all, it’s summer now and I’m going to Europe in 1 month!!! This summer is going to be special, and stress aside, I look am really looking forward to next year. It’s our time Class of 2013, let’s make it awesome. I know we’ll get through :)

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Why do guys feel it’s okay to tell you they like you via facebook message when you’ve talked to them maybe once in your life before?

This just happened to me for the third time in the past few months (if you count the one who told me via text even though we barely talked in real life). I’m sure it’s somewhat normal now and I’m the weird one. But it’s always guys I would never consider dating who do this too. It’s just so lame. 

Then I have to lie that I have a boyfriend and I hate lying more than anything :( Idk what else I could do though. I hate hurting people’s feelings too. Ugh I’m such a bad person… I feel so guilty :(

— 2 years ago
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God is awesome<3

One of our missionaries returned from Vienna this week. It was beautiful to hear her speak about what God has done through her the past two and a half years. Vienna is one of the most affluent, gorgeous, and yet Christless places (less than 1% professing Christians!) on earth. During her time there, she and a few others bravely started a church. Not only is that in itself an incredible feat, but this church has become active in bringing people to Christ. I’m really excited to hear her speak more about it in a few weeks.

I’ve been struggling to determine how God wants to use me. All I know that I want to dedicate my life to bringing people to Christ. I don’t know why, but this, combined with my pastor’s sermon about determining God’s will for us regarding His mission, really spoke to me today. I think there is something deeply beautiful about going into a place that is so attractive and whole in a worldly sense, but so broken spiritually. We usually think of places that need to hear the Gospel as being broken and impoverished third world countries, but the truth is that even the most successful cities are no better off. Vienna, Austria was rated the most beautiful city to live in! I’m sure that if I went there, it would be so beautiful that I wouldn’t even think about the eternal well being of its people.

This hit me hard. It is so heartbreaking that the people we live, work, and play with are living such comfortable, successful lives that we forget about their true spiritual state. Our ideas of a blessed life, even if we know Christ, are naturally out of touch with the truth and easily influenced by the Enemy. Whether or not I ever become a missionary to areas of the world like this (which exist both overseas and in our communities), I want to live my life with this awareness and a heart that’s eager to respond.

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The pain is coming back :(

Felt okay all day until now. I might be in for a rough night….

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Spent the day in the ER :(

I woke up feeling fine. But no sooner did I walk into school than I was collapsed in pain on the bathroom floor, in what was by far the worst pain of my life. I gathered the strength to go to the nurse, almost blacked out in the middle of the hallway, and I eventually got sick in the bathroom at the nurse’s office. I’ve never felt such intense pain before, I couldn’t even find a comfortable position to lay or sit. Not exaggerating, this was literally the worst pain I’ve ever been in and I really thought I was going to die. I went to the ER and thankfully we found what it was. Given the diagnosis, it sounds like the next few days are going to be rough. But God is good. He helped me through and even in the midst of suffering, I could feel His unshakable peace guiding me- I felt calm the whole time.

Oh, and on a lighter note- I overheard some doctors discussing their hatred for Obamacare. That helped a lot :)

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Thoughts on Christian Colleges

After much prayer and thought, I’ve decided I want to go to a Christian college. I’m still not entirely sure but I’m heavily leaning towards it at this point. If any of my Christian followers are in the midst of making this decision or are interested in hearing my rationale, I will attempt to explain it with an analogy. I view liberal, secular colleges the same way I view the fast food industry…

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